WordPress & Joomla Training

Keep your web site content up date

WordPress & Joomla is a very powerful Open Source Content Management System that is used to build websites. Many companies who use WordPress & Joomla to create websites do not realize that the system is not as to simple for everyone to use.

We provide training in WordPress & Joomla on a one-to-one basis for each web site that we build. This ensures that clients are able to update the content on their websites. We don’t teach you about the complexity of WordPress & Joomla, we only teach you the specific skills that you need for the functionality of your site.

If you are learning about WordPress & Joomla for a specific website then we will go through that site with you and ensure that you become familiar with all of the tasks you will need to complete. Whether it’s adding text or images, or more complex menu structures.

Our training is conducted in our studio office. We offer a minimum of 2 hours to begin with and then additional hours can be added if necessary. Online videos are also provided of your training so that you have a resource to refer back to.

What will I Learn ?

We will teach the ins and out of the WordPress & Joomla dashboards so that you may feel comfortable updating your website.  At the end of your WordPress or Joomla training session, you will walk away with the knowledge to perform (at a minimum) content updates, create new pages and an overall ability to manage and update your website. Videos of basic WordPress & Joomla procedures will be posted in out support section in case you need a refresher course on how to update your site.


Learn the best procedures for using WordPress & Joomla.

Learn the WordPress & JOOMLA interface (dashboard)

You will learn  your way around the WordPress & Joomla backend interfaces.

How to create, edit and delete pages and blog posts

Exploring/Creating pages, posts, & custom post types (draft, pending review and publishing posts).

Using categories and tags effectively

Taxonomies: categories & tags

Working with images, video & audio files.

Managing images and content (inserting, cropping and linking images from the media library, using lists).

Good Seo

Permalinks, Page Slugs and Page titles