Responsive Design

Responsive web sites use a fluid layout that adapts and responds to your user. Meaning that you are able to maintain one web site that will serve all of your customers, no matter where or what they are viewing it on. Five or six years ago, your customer was sitting at a desk and using a mouse to navigate your web site. Today’s internet user could be, literally, anywhere. They might be browsing your web site from the passenger seat of a moving car, walking down the street, or waiting in line at a store. They could be using one of thousands of different devices.

Technology is changing at faster and faster rates, and your web site needs to be ready to respond to it. Today your customer is browsing the web on a phone or tablet; tomorrow they might be browsing it from a screen in their car, or on the fridge. Responsive web design allows your web site to perform in all of these conditions and to take your business forward.

By making your web site more user-friendly you are satisfying your visitors and you are also satisfying the search engines by increasing your search engine rankings.

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