Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ are just a few of the social networks that ChicagoDigitalHouse leverages to connect you with your customers and to promote your business. We provide social media strategy, content and offer development services that help our clients succeed in growing their networks, increasing interaction with customers and promoting relevant news and special offers.

All of our web sites are social media integrated. What does social media integration mean ? When your web site is updated your content is automatically posted to all of your social media accounts. This saves you valuable time. All links and content from your web site that are posted to your social media pages link directly back to your web site. This keeps the focus on your content.

  • Update your content in 1 place. Update your web site once and all of your social media account will be updated at 1 time.
  • All of your social media content links directly to your site.
  • Use social media for your web site content specifically.
  • Increase your web site traffic directly from your social media content.
  • Increase the time that visitors spend on your web site.

Social Media Design is both an art and a science. A properly crafted social media design can increase sales and web site traffic. Unlike conventional media advertisement Social Media gives you a much higher degree of control, you can post wherever, whenever, no matter what the size of your budget is.

It’s guidelines that govern it are much less restrictive than the ones for conventional media, meaning that you have more control to creating something spectacular. Choosing ChicagoDigitalHouse for your next social media design campaign is the smart thing to do.